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Favorite Apple Variety?

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Do you have a favorite apple variety? I personally love both honeycrisp and wolf river for eating, Macintosh for apple pie, and Cortland for applesauce (see recipe). I canned applesauce this weekend. It makes a great addition to any meal or is a quick and healthy snack.

To make your own start by washing and peeling apples. I find the peeling by hand is as quick as using a peeler if the apples aren’t symmetrical. Quarter them and remove all parts of the core. Place cut apples in a nesco or other large roaster with just enough water that you see it when you peek through the apples from above, about 2-3 inches. The water will prevent the apples from burning and steam them. Set the roaster to 300 degrees for 2 hours stirring occasionally. Once apples start to get soft, crush them with a potato masher to desired

Majestic Farms Greenhouse and Landscaping's photo.

consistency. Remove cover from roaster and set temperature to 225 degrees and lit simmer until sauce is as thick as you would like. Make sure to stir it occasionally – this step usually takes about 2 hours. Then add sugar and cinnamon to taste. I usually add 1.5 cups of sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon to 2.5 pecks (about ½ bushel) of apples. You will yield appr. 9 pints per peck (2 gal). Put sauce into sterilized jars and process for 10 minutes at a rolling boil in a hot water canner. Enjoy!