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Getting Ready For Opening Day

After spending the past 20 years working in corporate America, we were ready for a change. We sold our home in Madison and eagerly moved to the farm with our dog Violet and our puppy Clay, ready to start our new adventure.

We had always loved being outdoors, were avid hobby gardeners, and dreamed of being able to move back to the country. Through family and friends, we were introduced to Jack, Brenda and Majestic Farms. From the moment we saw the farm, we were overcome with the beauty and charm of what Jack and Brenda had lovingly built over the past 26 years and knew this was the opportunity we’d been waiting for.

We are working side-by-side with the talented staff at the farm and learning from them, while also bringing in experiences from our former careers. We are excited about our first year at the farm…while keeping our customer favorites we will also be infusing some of our own interest and passion in the culinary realm, among others, into the items and experiences offered at Majestic Farms.

Come out at see the magic that brought us here. 

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