The Majestic Farms Greenhouse

Comprehensive Landscaping Services for Homeowners

Landscaping is about creating a sense of place for your home from the moment it comes into view. The process can be intimidating to most people; that is why it is important to have experienced people helping you and guiding you from beginning to end. Fortunately, Majestic Farms has your back.

Hands-on Process

Cori and Eric make it a fun and creative experience for everyone involved. Cori will work closely with you to determine what you want your landscaping to say about your home and your family. She designs an area that will work well with your home, your lifestyle, and your interests.

Once the design is finalized, Eric and his crew will create just what you had in mind while keeping you informed and involved with the process every step of the way.

Unique Designs and Efficient Installations

If you’re looking for something a little different for your home to set it apart from the neighbors, we have the service you need. We specialize in designing landscapes that will fit your style and vision while making them functional and beautiful.

Together, let’s create something truly unique that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come!


We design with natural stone and create brick patios and walkways. Aside from this, we build stunning entryways and pathways to accent your home of gardens. This is a great way to add interest and value to your home.

Native Landscapes

Life can be busy and complicated that’s why we encourage you to use Native Wisconsin trees, shrubs, or perennials in your landscape design. These plants are low maintenance and attract beneficial wildlife and insects to your yard. This greenery choice is better for the environment and will provide interest for you all year long.

The Majestic Farms Greenhouse